Jellyfish is the 12th fish found in Tranquil Sea encountered after the Squid and before the Tuna based on the Moon Jellyfish. It drops 25 coins which, is the same as the Squid. Its moving pattern is similar to the moving pattern of the Crab, Plankton, Octopus, Pistol Shrimp, Nautilus, Trilobite, Glass Squid, Dinoctopus, Cannonball Squid, Sea Horse, Star Fish, etc. as all of these do not move sideways like other fish. Ironically, though the Jellyfish gold amount is worth the same as the Squid, it takes one to two to slice it in half. Jellyfish are not fish even though they are classified as fish; they are actually invertibrates. 

A jellyfish killed with the other fish when a mine is hit.

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